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UnValentines Day Show w/ Dave Boutette and Jamie-Sue Seal, and Jo Serrapere – February 18

Advance tickets for the UnValentines Day Show must be purchased at this link.

“The Un-Valentine’s Show-Songs And Tales Of Unforgiveness, Heartbreak, Dysfunction And Revenge” brings together three of Michigan’s favorite singers and songwriters. Jamie-Sue Seal has taken the Un-Valentine’s Show on the road with two of her talented and twisted songwriter friends; Jo Serrapere and Dave Boutette. The songs are presented in a round robin and politically incorrect fashion covering topics such as stalking, love triangles, and a magician who accidentally makes his wife disappear. Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, this show promises to be entertaining and humorous.

The special intimacy that only comes from sharing firelight is where Dave Boutette finds his home.  Songs of highway hijinks and wildcat oil drillers in the Michigan woods are as likely to be heard as old favorites that have been in your head and heart for years.  For Boutette, it’s the sharing of songs that holds all the magic. Come on over, join the circle, sing a tune, or stir the coals. You’re welcome to hang until first light. Just be careful not to wake the folks in the tents.

Before stepping out on his own, Boutette spent ten years with the Detroit-based alterna-rock bar kings The Junk Monkeys.  The band toured the nation relentlessly supporting such acts as The Goo Goo Dolls and Hootie and the Blowfish, while recording under the Warner Bros./Metal Blade label from 1990-93.

In 1994 Dave came to Ann Arbor and soon found himself playing open mics and farm markets for tips.  The rich and gifted Ann Arbor acoustic music scene provided an ideal environment for Dave to test his songwriting skills.

Influenced by songwriters that span from Chuck Berry to Chuck Brodsky, Dave documents the trips and triumphs of life between the coasts.  With a full band or solo acoustic, Boutette easily reveals a Midwest experience worthy of a second look with performances that are engaging, exhilarating, and often peppered with stories culled from his times on the road and his years growing up in the shadow of Detroit.

Jo Serrapere (sarah-pear), a songwriter from the Detroit area, started playing guitar at 23 when seeking out lessons from Delta Blues guitarist, Shari Kane. Shortly thereafter, Jo began writing her own songs while completing her college studies in clinical psychology. She is currently on tour, performing at music venues throughout the United States.

Whether recreating old songs from the Mississippi Delta or performing songs in her own confessional style, Jo’s music stands original while always reflecting her love of American roots music. Her eclectic writing and performance fuses elements of various modern and traditional folk music, old-time and electric blues styles, roots rock, garage surf, swing, hot jazz and alt-country. Jo’s band, the Willie Dunns (John Devine, Jef Reynolds and Stuart Tucker) brings added depth and musical styling to Jo’s original songs as well as classics from such artists as Mississippi John Hurt, Bessie Smith and Tom Waits.

Jamie-Sue Seal just released her first CD in 12 years, a decadent project that takes a look at all the different ways a gal can get herself in trouble.

“The Post-Victorian Woman’s Guide To Reckless Flirtations” starts with the lively “Crush”. . . a charismatic ode to vintage-style flirting.  Pristine vocals are accompanied by piano, organ, guitar, horns, upright bass and an unacceptable amount of attitude.  Ohhh, the shameless attitude.

Jamie-Sue is one half of the duo Bottle Rocket Cabaret (with John Latini).