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Trinity House Theatre Benefit Concert and Tribute to Billy Brandt – April 12, 2019

Advance tickets for the Trinity House Theatre Benefit Concert and Tribute to Billy Brandt must be purchased at this link.

The Trinity House Theatre Benefit Concert returns to Trinity House Theatre for a special night that pays tribute to local songwriting favorite Billy Brandt. Tim Diaz, Jo Serrapere, Chris Degnore, Tamara Finlay and John Holk will join us for the evening. Each will perform one of their favorite songs from Billy along with a couple of their own songs.

Billy Brandt is a multiple-award-winning Detroit area singer-songwriter, whose rootsy, folky, psychedelic alt-country background underpins strong songwriting and an adventurous spirit. A mainstay of the local Detroit scene, Billy’s collaborations with other artists are near-legendary – and you’re as likely to find him out playing with former protegee Jill Jack, or his ‘Celticana’ duo with Sarana VerLin, or his roots rock combo Grievous Angel, as you are to find him solo. His excellent solo album ‘The Mission Band’ showcases both his songwriting and his performance collaborations, and is well worth more than one listen. Billy’s love for music is infectious, and his embrace of different genres brings a richness and an expanse to his shows. Be prepared for a genial, convivial, and musically rewarding evening with songs you know, songs you might know, and songs you will discover and treasure. And will earworm you unmercifully.