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Fireside Storytelling Venture – June 15

Please join us for the fifth edition of the quarterly Fireside Storytelling Venture. This compelling new event, hosted by Trinity House Theatre, is inspired by the impromptu stories we share – from breakfast table to campfire – as well as by buzz-worthy events such as the NPR-sponsored Moth StorySLAM series. While we desire to be a part of the larger true-life storytelling community in metro Detroit, we are seeking to establish an identity that takes advantage of the unique listening room and performance space that is the essence of Trinity House.

The theme for this venture is “Destination: Vacation” – true stories that might include insights or laugh-inducing moments from the multitude of ways that we seek recreation while wandering from our home-base. You might choose to share tips from your traveler’s guide to the most exotic places on earth, or a comedy of errors that happened on the holiday weekend trip to the family cabin. By planes, by trains, by automobiles, and even by cruise ships, the expeditions to the far and wide leave us with memorable encounters with family, friends, townies, and maybe even a celebrity or two. Did you lay out in the sun too long, find yourself lost in a foreign countryside, or hear strange noises from outside your tent? We want to know what you did last Summer… or at any other point that you sought to getaway from the routine of home-town life.

Since it’s true that we all have a story to share, then let’s encourage each other to that end. Whether you’ve experienced storytelling events before, or if this is something brand new to you, take the risk to gather with us as we establish this series. We welcome you to listen along, or maybe even to share a story of your own.

Guideposts when preparing a story:
Must be a true story to the theme, and involving the storyteller in some way.
No more than 5 minutes long.
Communicate clearly by following good story structure.
Practice without using notes (this encourages the delivery to be more natural).
A visual aid/prop is permissible if you determine it adds relevant value to your story.
Please keep stories appropriate for an all-ages audience (profanity is discouraged).
For additional guidance, reference these links: themoth.org; storynet.org; storynews.org; storycorps.org