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Claudia Schmidt and Sally Rogers – February 1, 2019

Claudia Schmidt and Sally Rogers are each capable of giving your goosebumps goosebumps. An evening listening to either of their performances is enough to bring you out of your deepest slumps and back into the world of healthy passions and love of life in general. To have these two women together on the same bill is almost overwhelming in so many deeply delightful ways. Together Claudia Schmidt and Sally Rogers on stage create an almost overpowering presence, sweeping the audience up and down the full range of emotion, with exquisite musicianship, beautiful vocalization, inspired story telling, spine tingling harmonies, and the crowning touch of humor sprinkled throughout to make the experience reassuringly human. This is a show four decades in the making, and should not be missed.

“Sterling guitar-banjo-dulcimer workBetter yet, [Sally] Rogers achingly sweet voice imbues her ballads with classic poignance even as it lifts the spirit.”
— Washington Post

“Those who keep trying to categorize Claudia Schmidt’s music should just give it up and file her under the general category ‘TALENT’ Big talent.”
— Rochester MN Post-Bulletin